South Point in development "Once the tenants sign, construction can start"

On the South Point of the DSM site there used to be the Bacinol building. In the coming years, an office building 'in the spirit of Delft' will be built on the current lawn. The project developers and architects of cepezed are working hard on the realization. Director and owner Menno Rubbens of cepezedprojects explains where the project is and how it will continue.

After cepezedprojects, Du Prie Bouw & Ontwikkeling and an investor had won the tender from DSM to fill in the South Point, the details surrounding the land purchase from DSM were discussed. Parallel to this, a zoning change took place for a small part of the plot. 

The Rose 

Central to that project of the consortium with the province, the municipality and DSM was windmill ‘De Roos’. “A 'mill biotope' is a sphere of influence around a mill”, says Rubbens. “Buildings should not, for example, capture too much wind. So we had to meet certain conditions.” In order to agree to the zoning change, the mill managers had to have sufficient confidence and guarantees that the mill will continue to function properly. Rubbens: “With good discussions this was solved. It is best to let everyone put their interests on the table at an early stage and find a solution together. That simplifies the process afterwards.” 

Light and spacious  

This paved the way for the construction of an office building of ten to twelve thousand square meters for 'innovative companies in the spirit of Delft'. Rubbens: “That is broad: scale-ups and established companies, from ICT to all possible technologies.”