Developing software, databases and DNA isolation methods to enable new developments in the medical, environmental and biotech fields.

DNA is a goldmine of data, waiting to divulge useful insights within a variety of fields. With Hologenomix insights, discovering these becomes a routine task. We use a combination of bioinformatics and machine learning to unlock the secrets hidden within your DNA and microbiome. Our cutting-edge analysis services provide a comprehensive view of the microorganisms present in your samples, giving you a deeper understanding of how they impact your environment, health, and food. From identifying disease-causing pathogens to optimizing crop growth and food safety, the potential applications of our technology are endless. And with our pipelines and expert team of scientists, utilizing these insights has never been easier. Trust Hologenomix to help you harness the power of DNA and microbiome analysis and take your research or business to the next level.


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