dsm-firmenich is a purpose-led company where people and planet as well as financial success are at the core of its strategy. As a company formed of two growth companies that are also global sustainability leaders, dsm-firmenich is determined to keep growing its positive impact and keep raising the bar in helping to tackle climate change, protect nature, and care for people all along the value chain.

Working together with customers and partners, the company strives to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow while making a positive difference for the planet, and enhancing the lives of millions.

By creatively applying proven science and drawing on data-driven innovation capabilities as well as exceptional standards of operational excellence, dsm-firmenich seeks to tackle the tension between what society needs, what people individually want, and what the planet demands in the areas of nutrition, health, and beauty. By working closely together with customers to create what is essential for life as well as desirable for consumers yet simultaneously more sustainable for the planet, dsm-firmenich is poised to bring progress to life for billions of people around the world.

Structured for success

dsm-firmenich is organized in four distinct high-performing businesses, rooted in complementary world-class scientific research and manufacturing excellence. Together they are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize their ambitions and address evolving consumer needs and wants.

  • Perfumery & Beauty creates superior scents with proven benefits – always with the consumer in mind. Creating fragrances that smell amazing and make people feel even better, using the best and largest palette of natural, synthetic, and biotech ingredients.
  • Taste, Texture & Health helps customers create food and beverage products that are delicious, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable. Providing enjoyment and nourishment for consumers, business success for customers, and better health for people and planet.
  • Health, Nutrition & Care provides people a way to look after their health by adding critical nutrients to diet. Driving medical innovation forward, speeding up recovery, and enhancing quality of life.
  • Animal Nutrition & Health delivers healthy animal proteins efficiently and sustainably, harnessing power of data to make animal farming practices more sustainable, productive, and transparent.


In Delft the business unit Taste, Texture & Health is located. We help brands develop products that are delicious to eat and drink, healthy for our bodies and planet alike, and affordable even when the world has a lot on its plate. After all, whether it’s a nutritionally balanced meal, an energy boost on the go, or a purely indulgent moment, food and drink should never have to taste bittersweet.

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Contact details

Alexander Fleminglaan 1
2613 AX Delft
The Netherlands

+31 (0)15 279 9111