Cradle is an early stage startup working at the interface of biotechnology and machine learning. Their mission is to bring down the cost, expertise, and time needed to develop new bioproducts.

This journey will involve dry-lab and wet-lab activities, making the newly renovated laboratories and offices at Planet an ideal location. “We look forward to contributing to the ecosystem; stay tuned for more and please drop by to say hello!,” says Stef van Grieken, CEO Cradle.

Cindy Gerhardt, managing director Planet, is also very enthusiastic about the move of the company to the Biotech Campus Delft: “We are happy to receive biotechnology companies that are active on the front line of new developments. Cradle is such a company, and we expect their arrival to create good synergy with the other companies on the Biotech Campus, as well as with the “” program of DSM and Delft University of Technology.”


Contact details

Alexander Fleminglaan 1
2613 AX Delft
The Netherlands