The reverse effects on our climate due to the use of fossil-based carbon chemicals and fuels drive the demand for sustainable alternatives higher every year.

DAB is a leading expert in Separation Technology of oil based fermentation. Our unique and patented FAST technology (Fermentation Accelerated by Separation Technology) enables continuous fermentation to offer unit cost reductions of 30% or more. By continuously removing product or inhibitors from the fermentation process, FAST extends the run time and increases unit production. FAST has become one the most significant fermentation innovations of the past decade. This technology can easily be implemented in new and existing installations, allowing for rapid application.

The global focus on synthetic biology has delivered several breakthrough routes to replace fossil-based chemicals with sustainable bio-based alternatives. High manufacturing costs currently hamper the large-scale manufacturing of many of these alternatives. FAST addresses this issue head-on. It is the largest contributor to lowering manufacturing costs, thereby facilitating large-scale deployment of many bio-based chemicals.

DAB has a highly skilled workforce and is supported by driven and capable investors.

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