Open innovation

Knowledge, business and innovation come together on the Biotech Campus Delft. Open innovation between knowledge institutes, entrepreneurs and corporates in biotechnology leads to growth, making the campus an innovative hotspot for biotech products and services for a circular, bio-based economy.

Startups, scale-ups and established companies encounter many challenges in their road to successful growth. In 2019, DSM and partners Municipality Delft, TU Delft, Province South Holland and InnovationQuarter, set up the non-profit foundation Planet Planet is a consortium of organizations that support entrepreneurs facing these challenges and aims to create environmental impact by promoting industrial biotechnology.

Planet actively invests in creating a hub where students can do internships, research is stimulated, and companies are given all necessary support to grow their innovative business. Planet provides labs and offices and focuses in particular on debottlenecking scale up challenges. Greenfield space is available to extend your business with new offices or production facilities. Planet facilitates collaborations with the TU Delft and with DSM, and creates a community of researchers, professors, co-entrepreneurs, investors and authorities.