Biotech Campus Delft is a brand new biotech incubator in Europe, boosting the transition to a sustainable, bio-based economy. We support the whole innovation cycle, from research, to piloting, to production.

Our open innovation campus, centrally located in the Netherlands, welcomes startups, SME's, tech- and service providers, corporates and knowledge institutes active in the field of industrial biotechnology.


Lab space in Beijerinck Center

New opportunities for biotech startups and SME's! The Beijerinck Center offers 3000 mlab- and office space as well as central campus facilities like a restaurant, gym, coffee corner and meeting rooms.

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Scale-up, Piloting and Demo

We offer a thriving climate which enables you to scale up, grow and commercialize your bio-based innovations, offering the expertise and facilities needed to de-risk your way into industrial production.

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News & events


Over 150 years of biotech experience

Creating history

biogarde heritage trig

The history of outstanding biotech innovations.

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Exciting future

BioTech geveldoek juli2016

Learn more about our bio-renewable future.

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