Paques Biomaterials produces Caleyda: a natural alternative to plastic, with all its advantages but without its disadvantages.

Their vision: A civilization in symbiosis with nature.

Since the industrial revolution mankind has exploited nature without taking the ecosystem boundaries into account. Although this has brought us incredible wealth, over time this has brought us further and further away from a planetary equilibrium. This is not sustainable. At Paques Biomaterials they believe that prosperity and sustainability can go hand in hand. Our bio-materials are naturally produced using renewable resources. In harmony with nature.

Microplastics pollution

Human society is addicted to plastics, consuming millions of tons per year. Plastic’s use brought prosperity due to its great mechanical and barrier properties. However, its leakage to the environment leads to accumulation of microplastics, which can nowadays be found in every corner of Earth and in most living beings, including ourselves! Its concerning effects in the environment and living organisms are now coming to light, making it urgent to tackle the microplastics pollution from growing further.

Paques Biomaterials provides a solution to microplastics

They produce Caleyda, a natural material replacement for plastic, with the major benefit of being fully biodegradable in all Earth environments. Caleyda consists of PHA polymers produced by natural microbes that can be used in a wide variety of applications. These polymers offer better end of life options compared to other plastics, always preventing  accumulation of microplastics in the environment.

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