Biotech Campus Delft wants to be a good neighbor for the people who live and work in the area. We demonstrate our social commitment by sponsoring local and regional initiatives that are in line with our objectives.

The available budget is limited. Each year, a small number of requests is selected from all sponsor applications. The criteria used to select sponsorships are:

  • The event or organization to be sponsored is public and accessible to people from all walks of life.
  • Biotech Campus Delft does not sponsor sports clubs or similar associations.
  • Biotech Campus Delft does not enter into multi-year sponsorship agreements. A sponsor agreement that has been entered into is also not tacitly renewed.
  • Biotech Campus Delft never acts as a supporting sponsor of an event or organization. The continuation of the activity or survival of an organization cannot therefore depend on our sponsorship.
  • In return, Biotech Campus Delft would like to be credited in the sponsored party's communications and a joint approach to the press, if applicable. Any additional benefits are discussed per activity.

Sponsor requests can be submitted by email to communicatie.delft@dsm.com.