The Biotech Campus Delft wants to be a good neighbor for the people who live and work in the vicinity of Biotech Campus Delft and also show social commitment. We do this, among other things, via sponsoring of local and regional initiatives that match our focus areas.

The annual available budget is limited. From all sponsor applications, a small number of applications will be selected that meet our criteria best.

The criteria for sponsorship are:

  • The event, project or initiative to be sponsored is in line with (one of) our focus areas. These are healthy food, health in general, sustainable living, sustainable entrepreneurship, industrial biotechnology, innovation, social involvement and the legacy of the location.
  • The event, project or initiative to be sponsored is public and accessible to people from all walks of life.
  • The sponsorship contributes to good brand awareness of the Biotech Campus Delft and/or dsm-firmenich in Delft, whether or not in combination with Planet B.io.
  • The sponsorship does not concern a sports club or comparable association, sports event, conference, book or dissertation.
  • In principle, sponsorship is not a multi-year agreement. A sponsor agreement entered into is not tacitly renewed.
  • In principle, the sponsorship is not the main funding, which means that the continuation of the activity or the survival of an organization or initiative should not depend on our sponsorship.

In return we ask:

  • Name and sponsoring mentioned in the communications of the sponsored party (including website and social media channels) and a joint approach of the press, if applicable.
  • Additional benefits (e.g. free tickets) are agreed per activity.

The procedure for a sponsor request is as follows:

  • The application can be submitted via this application form (note that form is in Dutch). The form must be completed and additional attachments can be submitted via info.bcd@biotechcampusdelft.com.
  • Applications are assessed on compliance of criteria and available sponsor budget.
  • If an application is approved, further agreements will be made with the applicant about the amount, the agreed compensation and invoicing. These agreements are recorded in writing and if needed, a sponsorcontract.
  • In principle, payment will not happen until the agreed compensation has been fulfilled.