About campus

In order to safeguard our planet’s resources and to create a more responsible living environment, society needs to move from a depleting, fossil-based economy to a circular, bio-based economy.

Biotech Campus Delft is an open innovation campus that helps to realize this transition. Our campus hosts startups, tech- and service-providers, SMEs and established companies in the field of industrial biotechnology. We support the whole innovation cycle, from research to pilot, to production. On our campus, cooperation and knowledge transfer between companies and knowledge institutes is encouraged. We believe that this supports the development of bio-based innovations.

Anno 2023, over 1400 people work on site developing, scaling up and commercializing bio-based innovations. We work closely with our partners, drawing on the global skills and knowledge concentrated in this world-leading center of expertise. Together, we are fostering open innovation in the emerging biotech field, while delivering the resources and competences stakeholders, governments and startups need to innovate and grow.