Avansya – the future is sweet for Delft and Nebraska partnership

Avansya – the future is sweet for Delft and Nebraska partnership
Energy drinks, cookies, drinking yogurt and even breakfast cereals. Sugar makes its way into everything. It’s time for a healthier alternative with a natural sweet taste and without the excess calories. To this end, DSM and Cargill are working together in the joint venture Avansya. A new plant in Blair, Nebraska (US) is now producing the stevia-based EVERSWEET®. CEO Oscar Goddijn sees global opportunities for their innovative sweetener: “This is the beginning of a new voyage of discovery.” 

On November 14, 2019 the brand new plant for the sustainable production of the sweetener EVERSWEET® opened in Blair, Nebraska. Avansya is yet another company with its roots in Delft and its headquarters at the Biotech Campus Delft which is stepping onto the global stage. “The opening was a milestone, a moment of recognition for the whole team,” says Goddijn with pride. It was a grand affair, with the Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska even saying a few words about the valuable partnership. And Avansya is having a fantastic first year. “Research here in Delft focused on improving the strain, production studied how to use that strain and we saw double-digit growth in sales. Now there is more time for the commercial side of EVERSWEET®.” 

Healthy growth 

The GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certificate for the American and Mexican markets has already been obtained. With the knowledge and over 150 years of experience provided by the Biotech Campus Delft, and the production based at Blair in Nebraska, Goddijn is feeling optimistic: “We are well on track to enter the European and Asian markets by the end of 2022.” To continue the rapid growth of last year. To increase consumer awareness of the value of natural sweeteners. “Avansya is therefore focusing on five segments: beverages, dairy products, muesli and baking products, alcoholic beverages and EVERSWEET® as a flavoring.”  

More relevant than ever 

As a global player, Avansya is of course also dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Not all customers are able to keep their labs open, but fortunately online working often offers a solution. And that is of great importance, because it is precisely now that the value of a healthy sugar substitute is becoming apparent. “The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that having an unhealthy lifestyle makes you more vulnerable. Now, more than ever, we recognize the importance of finding a sustainable solution.” Awareness is more important than ever. Goddijn therefore foresees continued growth in the demand for natural sweeteners. Avansya is keen to grow along, to make our consumption habits even more sustainable and healthy. 

Photo: Avansya Cargill Blair Campus fermentation facility