The opening of the next step in creating an Open innovation campus

Do you want to know more about PlanetBio? Watch the after movie of the Grand Opening. Last month, Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau opened at the Biotech Campus Delft. is the new name of the organization assigned to develop an open innovation hub for Industrial Biotechnology on the campus. This is done in close collaboration with DSM, Technische Universiteit Delft, Gemeente Delft, Provincie Zuid-Holland, and InnovationQuarter

Grand Opening

 Planet offers companies access to the unique biotech ecosystem in Delft, and expects to create hundreds of extra jobs in the coming years for dozens of new companies on the Biotech Campus Delft. The companies are all working on sustainable solutions to major challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and sustainable production of healthy food for the growing world population.

Facilities and upscaling possibilities
Planet provides modern facilities and access to biotechnological knowledge and upscaling opportunities for start-up biotechnology companies. Upscaling and commercialization of innovative technology often pose a significant challenge when it comes to facilitating the transition to a sustainable bio-based economy.

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