Temporary additional traffic movements on Wateringseweg.

Today, April 5, there are temporary additional traffic movements on Wateringseweg. The reason for this is that the 'Old Entrance' next to the Yeast Production Company is temporarily open today, due to an unforeseen closure of the regular internal route.

During works at the Yeast Production Company on the eastern part of the Biotech Campus Delft, a leakage occurred at the rainwater sewer. As a result, the pit excavated by works filled up with rainwater and part of the pit was calved by the water. The road running alongside the well was then completely closed to traffic for safety reasons, as ballast/sand under this road was washed way.

The closed road is the only internal access road to the eastern part of the Biotech Campus Delft. A temporary detour route for passenger and freight traffic is therefore necessary. They can therefore reach this part of the site today via the 'Old Entrance' on the Wateringseweg, near the Lepelbrug.

We strive to limit the inconvenience to the surrounding area as much as possible by keeping the number of traffic movements to a minimum and by deploying extra security and traffic control at the 'Old Entrance'. It is expected that approximately 10 trucks will use the 'Old Entrance' by turning right to the New Plaantage via the Lepelbrug and then entering the site via the Wateringsevest.

The leakage of the rainwater sewer has been repaired in the meantime. Work will be completed tomorrow so that the normal route to the eastern part of the site and the Yeast Production Company can be resumed via the main entrance on Alexander Flemingweg.

Apologies for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact safety manager GPB Elise Bakker.

Marked in red on the floor plan are the internal access road that is closed due to the leakage, and the temporarily reopened 'Old Entrance'.