Innovation at the Biotech Campus Delft - Planet launches new Shared Lab

Innovation at the Biotech Campus Delft - Planet launches new Shared Lab

Planet is proud to announce the launch of its new Shared Lab, located in the heart of the Biotech Campus Delft. Scientists, teachers, start-ups and existing biotech companies can hire the Shared Lab, which has room for 24 people, on a flexible basis.

Gap in the market

White biotechnology is a key technology for creating sustainable solutions for the production of food, animal feed, materials and chemicals. The rapid developments in white biotechnology create enormous potential for all kinds of biobased innovations. One example of this is producing proteins from yeasts and fungi [article on page 4, ed.]. Access to specialized laboratories, equipment, permits and skilled people is of crucial importance in studying, developing and marketing these opportunities.

However, educational institutions and companies in this biotech sector are suffering from a lack of available and flexible laboratories in the region. In order to tackle that gap in the market, Planet has created a new Shared Lab with the support of the Metropolitan Area Rotterdam-The Hague and the Province of South Holland.

Game changer

The Shared Lab is a game changer for the white biotech community in the region. After all, it's not just a lab. It's a place where ideas can be transformed into groundbreaking innovations and new companies. It also means that companies in the region do not need to relocate for the purpose of research. The Shared Lab is also opening its doors to all levels of education. This will help to prepare the future workforce for white biotechnology and cellular agriculture (the technology for producing animal products from cells rather than from animals).

Educational institution Capabel Onderwijs was the first to use it in November. In the Shared Lab, 24 students took part in a practical as part of the Biological Medical Analyst and Chemical-Physical Analyst courses.

"Planet's fast-growing companies need extra staff on short term, which might be a challenge. To ensure that there is sufficient new talent, it is very important to invest in education in the field of modern biotechnology. Establishing strong connections with educational institutions is therefore crucial," says Maartje Mikx, quartermaster Education and Research at Planet "Students are the future workforce and potential business owners. Through our efforts to enable educational opportunities at the Biotech Campus Delft, we hope to inspire students to contribute to the biobased economy in the future. We facilitate seamless alignment between the training requirements of companies and the curriculum offered by education programs."

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