Collaboration of Inholland University of Applied Sciences and Planet on Biotech Campus Delft

Healthy food for the whole world: Delft is working on it. Biotechnology is the key to this and the number of companies on the Biotech Campus Delft is growing rapidly. But who will work there? “The companies in this sector are experiencing a shortage of suitably trained personnel,” says project manager Fenneke Jolink of Planet “That is why we are going to collaborate with Inholland University of Applied Sciences.”

In a few years' time, Inholland University of Applied Sciences will be training 100 students each year in biotechnology and food technology. They will get the theory at university, the practice at the Biotech Campus Delft. “We have a great need for suitably trained people,” says Fenneke Jolink, “and Inholland University of Applied Sciences would like to train people in the technology of the future. That's why we're going to work together. The university will be offering a new course in Delft. Planet, the place on the Biotech Campus Delft where young companies develop, will provide teaching and lab spaces. We will also offer internships at the companies on campus.” 

A perfect match 

The classrooms will be located in a building that is currently being renovated. The Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Area is making 425.000 euro available for the realization of these spaces and the development of the new course. The municipality of Delft is also making an amount available. “We are very happy with that,” says Jolink. “It is extremely valuable for the students to see and experience how an idea develops into a tangible product. You can do that here: we have startups, scale ups and multinationals, where students can experience all stages of development and upscaling. From idea to success in the laboratory and ultimately to a market-ready product. In this way, we can ensure a perfect match between the content of the training and the needs of companies.” Inholland Director Fabian van der Horst: “A wonderful example of successful collaboration between government, entrepreneurs, education and research that, through the efforts of students, act as an innovation engine for the region.” 

Higher professional education (HBO), academic higher education (WO) and ... senior secondary vocational education (MBO)? 

Inholland University of Applied Sciences and Planet have the ambition to develop a fully-fledged research and education program at higher vocational education level in Delft. “We already have a close scientific collaboration with TU Delft. It is great that we can now also offer higher vocational education an inspiring learning and research environment in Delft,” says Jolink. She carefully thinks ahead. “This may also be interesting for other higher vocational education institutions and for mbo students. We are happy to talk to other educational institutes to see if we can also collaborate with them.” 

Start September 2024

The first students will start in September 2024. The Planet team is currently working with Inholland to determine which parts of the training will take place at the Biotech Campus Delft and exactly which facilities are required. It will therefore take more than a year before students can report to the gate of the Campus. “We desperately need that time to set up the educational activities of the program properly,” says Jolink. “But we are very driven to make this a success. We can't wait to welcome the students to the place where it all happens!"