Biotech simplified

Simple explanation of using (parts of) living organisms as cell factories to create useful products.

The right microorganism

We find the right microorganism. Microorganisms are our smallest employees.

We improve and strengthen the microorganism.

After improvement they do their job better.

At the right amount

We do all that is possible to make microorganisms feel happy.

So that they grow and reproduce during fermentation.

Because only then they will produce the targeted product at the right amount.

In the right concentration

After fermentation, the product is mixed with many other compounds.

Separating them and getting our product at the right concentration is key.

Product is ready to be applied.

Applied in the right way

Biotech products are applied in very different matrixes.

Like food (cake, bread, beverages, yogurt, etc.), leftover biomass (e.g cornstover) or other bio-based processes.

How do we assure the most efficient performance of the biotech product in the selected matrix?

On a (semi-) industrial scale

Because experiments on labscale are not predictable enough, we test how our microbes perfom at pilot scale.

Are they still healthy enough to produce the needed amounts efficiently?

If so, we are one step closer to move to industrial scale!

All backed up by data

We check the productivity of the microorganisms.

Methods and devices are in place to measure & predict how good the microorganism or the end products perform!

All to make the right decisions along the entire R&D process!