Royal DSM: a World Leader in Biotechnology

‘Royal DSM: a World Leader in Biotechnology’ is a new publication which provides an insight into the history and potential of biotechnology, the innovations driven by it and the way DSM is advancing the responsible use of this promising technology.

At Royal DSM, we see biotechnology as an important building block to address climate change, resource scarcity, and circularity, and to optimize the global food system.

Building on 150 years of expertise, today DSM is a global purpose-led leader in biotechnology, developing a broad range of sustainable, bio-based products and solutions for better health through nutrition.

DSM’s biotechnology competences offer world-class science and innovation, organized in a global network of R&D and manufacturing facilities in Europe, China, Brazil, and the USA. Here, collaborating with our partners from governments, business, and academia, we work to expand the possibilities of biotechnology and maximize its potential to provide solutions to help sustain and restore healthy populations, ecosystems, and societies – contributing to a world we all want to live in: healthy people, healthy animals, and a healthy planet.

Read all about the why, what, how and our biotechnology solutions in ‘Royal DSM: a World Leader in Biotechnology’.