Planet welcomes Deep Branch

Planet is very enthusiastic about the move of the company to the Biotech Campus Delft. Cindy Gerhardt, managing director Planet “We have been in contact with Deep Branch for several years, we believe their technology can be a gamechanger in creating a circular industry with biotechnology. We are really happy to welcome Peter Rowe and his team in Delft, we are sure they will add a lot of value to our ecosystem with their experience in scaling up and fund raising.

Deep Branch is a carbon dioxide recycling company that uses microorganisms to convert CO2 into high-quality products to enable global sustainable animal nutrition. Founded in 2018, the company is a fast-growing startup operating in both the UK and the Netherlands.

Deep Branch addresses both the sustainability of animal farming and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions with their CO2-to-protein technology, creating a scalable path for a sustainable protein generation process from a waste product. Their ingredient, named Proton™, is expected to provide a regular supply of a price-stable, price-competitive, and nutritionally optimal bulk protein.