dsm firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty

dsm firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty

On May 9, 2023, dsm‑firmenich confirmed the successful merger of DSM and Firmenich, and with it the start of a new company developing and producing vital nutrients, flavors and fragrances for the world's growing population.

dsm‑firmenich is a Swiss-Dutch company, listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, with activities at 340 sites across 60 countries and a turnover of over €12 billion. With its diverse, global team of nearly 30,000 employees, the company brings progress to life every day in all its sites for the benefit of billions of people. With our extensive range of solutions based on natural and renewable ingredients and our renowned scientific and technological capacities, we work on what we need collectively, what consumers want and what is sustainable for the world.

You will encounter us throughout the day: from the mornings when you take your customized supplements with vitamins, omega fatty acids and probiotics to support your health at every phase of your life, at lunchtime when you enjoy a tasty hamburger made with vegetable proteins, or a refreshing mid-afternoon drink made with milk from healthy cows that emit less methane, to delicate fragrances that evoke positive emotions and give you a good feeling any time of day.

Based in Delft 

dsm‑firmenich will consist of four business units (see box) and two research branches: biotechnological research in Delft and flavor and fragrance research in Geneva. Delft is also home to the Taste Texture & Health business unit, which combines DSM's business in ingredients for food and drinks with Firmenich's flavorings to create global sales of €2.7 billion.

Patrick Niels, President of the new combined business unit, sees fantastic opportunities: “Our goal was, is and remains to make delicious, nutritious and healthy products with natural and sustainable ingredients. We excel in innovative ingredients, clean label products and vegetable foods and we are now adding the unparalleled opportunities in taste from our new colleagues at Firmenich. Our ingredients also help to make food and drinks healthier: we manufacture vitamins, probiotics and lipids, and reduce sugar and salt.”  

A new name and identity 

To mark the launch of the new company, dsm‑firmenich unveiled a new logo that embodies bringing together two iconic organizations in a merger of equals. It symbolizes the company's mission to combine the essentials for living with what is desirable for consumers and more sustainable for the planet. dsm‑firmenich's goal is to work with customers and partners to bring progress to life, to promote positive change and to make a difference in the world.

Celebrated in style

dsm‑firmenich's first official day was May 9, 2023, and this day was celebrated across the globe in all the business locations, including in Delft. Various festive activities were organized. Together with colleagues from all over the world, people were able to see the live broadcast of the speech given by the Co-CEOs, in which they unveiled the company's new brand and identity; celebratory cake was eaten, a lunch festival was held and dsm‑firmenich goody bags were handed out.

dsm‑firmenich is organized into four different, well-performing companies, rooted in complementary scientific research and world-class manufacturing excellence.

  • Perfumery & Beauty creates superior fragrances with proven benefits — always with the consumer in mind. Creating fragrances that smell amazing and lift people's mood, with the help of the best and largest pallet of natural, synthetic and biotech ingredients.
  • Taste, Texture & Health helps customers to make delicious, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food and drink products. Enjoyment and nourishment for consumers, business success for customers and better health for people and the planet.
  • Health, Nutrition & Care allows people to take care of their health by adding essential nutrients to their food. These nutrients promote medical innovation, speed up recovery and improve quality of life.
  • Animal Nutrition & Health supplies healthy animal proteins efficiently and sustainably, utilizing the power of data to increase the sustainability, productivity and transparency of husbandry practices.