Invitation Van Marken Day August 28, 2022

After a successful first edition, a Van Marken Day will also take place this year on August 28, 2022.

The location is Agnetapark Delft and the day lasts from 11.00 to 17.00. The event is freely accessible and everyone from Delft is welcome!

The event takes place in the old part of the Agneta Park, around the pond. After the opening and an introduction by Jan van de Mast, music and dance will be heard and seen on the terrace at restaurant Heinde en Ver by the Koninklijke Harmonie Kapel Delft, which dates from the time of J.C.van Marken, Dansschool Wesseling and a children's choir. There are also stalls where information is provided about DSM and its products, Museum Van Marken, the perfumes of Agneta van Marken (Maison Neuve), several social institutions and there will also be some interesting products to taste. There are also guided tours through the Agneta Park and in Heinde en Ver, including a small exhibition with old photos.

For more information, check in due course