TV series ‘Kijk op Delft’ to be seen on NPO2 from 15 April

From April 15th, the day that Delft received city rights 775 years ago, the Dutch tv series ‘Kijk op Delft’ will be broadcasted on NPO2 by ‘Omroep Max’ for six weeks on Thursday evening at 18.20.

During the six episodes, Paul van Berkel who is born and raised in Delft, will search for the most important stories of the city of Delft. He is assisted in this by experts from ‘Erfgoed Delft’, who know everything about archeology, archives and monuments. During his search, Paul has special encounters and surprising conversations with employees of DSM, employees of TU Delft, but also with the city architect and the city archaeologist.

With this series, Delft's heritage is made accessible to everyone. The presence of countless beautiful monuments, special archaeological sites and unique archive documents form an important part of the identity of Delft. The series was made by ‘Omroep West’ and ‘Erfgoed Delft’ and made possible by DSM amongst others.

If you want to see historic Delft through the eyes of these people, make sure you are ready on Thursday evening! For more information about the tv series, you can take a look at the 'Erfgoed Delft’ website.