Possible noise nuisance due to noise measurement at Centrient on March 20

Tomorrow, March 20, a noise measurement will be conducted at company Centrient on the Biotech Campus Delft that may cause noise nuisance for some of the residents of the Agnetapark. In this letter we explain this measurement and the possible nuisance.

The noise production of our facilities is regularly checked by an external expert company. We do this to verify that we are sufficiently quiet and remain within the agreed values. Part of this noise measurement is turning on an air compressor that is normally only used for special work. In addition, testing must also be done at night because less noise is allowed then.

Today's measurement will take place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday and will start around 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. The air compressor will be started around 14 p.m. Because of this, you may hear a noise during this time that you would not normally hear. As soon as the noise measurement is completed, the compressor is turned off again. You will not notice anything else about the measurement itself.

Sorry for any inconvenience. If this noise is causing nuisance, you can report it via the free environmental complaints line 0800-0231341 (available 24/7).

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