Very, very busy at the BPF, will you become our new colleague?

The Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) tests what biotechnology companies have come up with in their laboratories. Can these products also be produced on a larger scale?

Many companies want to know. The process technologists at the BPF see whether it is technically feasible and set up a production process. The Operations Department then tests this process in practice. 


Everything is geared towards sustainable applications. Manager Operations Stefaan Breestraat: "We cultivate organisms that produce a lot of proteins. Our customers can then make for example meat substitutes from these. Recently we helped an American startup to set up their probiotics production. This product is now being sold in the US. We are also testing the production of a natural pheromone that works as a crop protection agent, reducing the need for poison. Another great example: fungal cultures that make a leather-like vegan material for shoes, bags and car upholstery." 

Want to become an operator at BPF? 

The BPF switched to a five-shift operation on January 1, 2022. Breestraat: "That means healthier work. Moreover, our organisms also need attention outside office hours because they grow around the clock." The consequence of this transition: the organization needs five to ten additional operators and probably more in the future. This is because the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands consortium, of which the BPF is a member, was awarded a substantial grant (see the article on page 2). For the BPF this grant means extra facilities and work. Breestraat: "We hope to be able to welcome many more new operators!" 

Interested?  In that case contact Stefaan Breestraat via