Crowdfunding Panels Pavilion of Delft Industry

DSM Contributes to Restauration

In 2020, the Museum Van Marken Foundation received 37 special panels. These panels were part of the Pavilion of Delft Industry (Paviljoen van Delftsche Nijverheid). This pavilion was built in 1900, commissioned by Jacques van Marken, founder of the Royal Dutch Yeast and Spirit Factory, among other companies. It was used at exhibitions to show and promote the products of his Delft factories.

The walls of the pavilion consist of panels covered with canvases. These canvases are beautifully painted in art nouveau style, with, for example, Dutch landscapes, ornaments and the names of various products.

'Save the Van Marken Panels'

Not many of these types of exhibition pavilions have been preserved in The Netherlands. It is therefore important to preserve and restore them. DSM Delft, with the support of the Ondernemersfonds Delft, has agreed to pay for the restoration of two of the panels. To be able to restore the other panels as well, the Museum Van Marken Foundation has started the crowdfunding campaign 'Save the Van Marken Panels'.

For the conservation €15,000 is needed. The Foundation hopes to have raised the required amount before July 30, 2021, so that it can festively announce on Jacques van Marken's birthday that all these special panels can be preserved for the future.

Would you like to know more? You can read more about the panels of this Pavilion of Delft Industry and about the crowd funding campaign at the website of the Van Marken Museum.