Coronavirus measures Biotech Campus Delft

The corona virus Covid-19 currently has a major impact, also at the Biotech Campus Delft. We do everything we can to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. 

Health and safety are top priorities at the Biotech Campus Delft. That is why we do our utmost to prevent that we (possibly) can infect each other with the corona virus during our work. In addition to general hygiene and preventive measures that are widely implemented, we have taken additional measures at Biotech Campus Delft. An example of this is the health check before entering the location.

What does it mean for you? 

If you have been in an 'orange' or 'red' country or area in the past 14 days, you cannot come to Biotech Campus Delft during the 10 consecutive days after returning home. Please check the actual situation before planning a visit to the location (we advise the website for travel advice by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs you haven't been to such a country or area recently, you and your housemates have no corona symptoms and you have approval to visit the location, a visit is allowed. The following procedures apply however before entering the location:

  1. You will receive some questions about your health, any recent stay in other regions and your contacts with people at risk;   
  2. Your body temperature needs be measured  (by yourself ) to determine if you have an increased body temperature.   

Due to various measurement procedures there is currently a different logistics, meaning you will see diversions at the entrance and there are only a limited number of entrance gates open. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, these measures are necessary given the circumstances. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions, you can contact Delft Communication during office hours via telephone number 015-279 2053.