Planet is the center for open innovation in industrial biotechnology. This creates a unique hub for biotechnology where research and development, and the possibility of scaling up new, sustainable innovations come together.

Biotech ecosystem

Planet offers companies access to the unique biotech ecosystem in Delft, and expects to create hundreds of extra jobs in the coming years for dozens of new companies on the Biotech Campus Delft. The companies are all working on sustainable solutions to major challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity and sustainable production of healthy food for the growing world population.

Facilities and upscaling possibilities

Planet will provide modern facilities and access to biotechnological knowledge and upscaling opportunities for start-up biotechnology companies. Upscaling and commercialization of innovative technology often pose a significant challenge when it comes to facilitating the transition to a sustainable bio-based economy.

Hub for innovative biotech companies

Planet offers laboratories and offices to innovative biotech companies, and is fully committed to the successful growth of these companies. Planet is currently home to four young companies that are developing their biotechnological innovations here. Veramaris, for example, is working on sustainable fish feed for farmed fish based on algae, and Avansya produces the low-calorie sweetener Stevia in a sustainable way, not from plants but from yeast cells. The start-up Meatable is pioneering a process to make meat production more sustainable and efficient. Meatable is developing real meat, without the need to slaughter animals, and with minimal impact on the environment. The unique bioreactor technology of Delft Advanced Biorenewables (DAB) is developing an innovative technology to cut the costs of large-scale biotechnological processes.

Contest vision 2030

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We are looking for the visionary of the year 2020! Do you believe in the power of biotechnology to solve some of the word most pressing issues?

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Constantijn van Oranje

Special Envoy TechLeap.NL (formerly StartupDelta)

“The Netherlands has a global reputation in biotechnology. To increase the impact of this, more, better and faster growing start-ups are needed. In this difficult, capital-intensive sector, it is very important that they are supported and encouraged to bring their innovations to the market more quickly. The arrival of Planet is therefore not only an important step in further strengthening our ecosystem, but also a leap forward in accelerating the (international) growth of our biotechnology companies.”

Cindy Gerhardt

Director Planet

“We realize that the transition to a sustainable economy requires action. Here at Planet, we can make a definite contribution to this. The Planet team will ensure that the unique knowledge and infrastructure on Biotech Campus Delft is made more widely available. TU Delft will play an important role in setting up and implementing innovative research programs, and talented young entrepreneurs will be able to set up their businesses at Planet The Municipality of Delft and the Province of South Holland see Planet as an important pillar in realizing their policy of moving toward a sustainable economy. InnovationQuarter will help to create an attractive investment climate for domestic and foreign companies.”