Creating history

Biotech Campus Delft is built on the proud history of outstanding biotech innovations developed in university town Delft. 

Scientist and business man Jacques Van Marken founded the Dutch Gist- en Spiritusfabriek to produce baker’s yeast at this site in 1869.

We build on the rich heritage of biotechnology in Delft, 'capital of biotech'

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Martinus W. Beijerinck

Martinus Willem Beijerinck

Martinus Willem Beijerinck appointed as world’s first professor in Microbiology in 1895.

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming discovered the substance benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) in 1928.

Albert Jan Kluyver

Albert Jan Kluyver

The concepts of "biochemical unity" and "comparative biochemistry" were both very influential and probably Kluyver's most significant work in 1926.

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind 04

Rosalind Franklin made important contributions to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA and viruses in 1942.