About the campus

We offer a brand new biotech incubator in Europe, boosting the transition to a sustainable, bio-based economy. We support the whole innovation cycle, from research, to piloting, to production. Our open innovation campus, located in the Netherlands, hosts startups, tech- and service-providers, SME's and established companies in the field of industrial biotechnology.

In our ecosystem, cooperation and knowledge transfer between companies and knowledge institutes is encouraged. We believe that this supports the development of bio-based innovations. Our ecosystem enables your bio-based company to scale-up, to grow and to continue innovating. 

Over 1200 people work on site on developing, scaling up and commercializing bio-based innovations. Building our bio-renewable future, bio-based solutions come to life, boosted by the next level biotechnology. Together, we enable the change from a fossil-based, depleting economy to a bio-based, circular economy. We accelerate the transition to a sustainable, bio-based economy, to safeguard resource security and to secure a responsible living environment.

Our campus is based on 150 years of experience in academic research and industrial commercialization in Delft.

About biotechnology

Biotechnology refers to the use of (parts of) living organisms as cell factories to make useful products from renewable feedstocks. Historically, humankind has used biotechnology in food production (wine, beer, bread, cheese etc.). In the past century, its application has been industrialized and expanded to pharma, agriculture, and production of bio-molecules. Today, the next level biotechnology (a.o. 2nd generation biofuels and bioplastics) represents a bigger opportunity than ever to build our bio-renewable future. It allows us to move away from non-renewable fossil sources and therefore diminish greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time offering an opportunity to address future challenges related to food, health & energy.  

Founding partners

Founding partners of Biotech Campus Delft are Royal DSM and Delft University of Technology. Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living and listed at no 1 position in in its industry group in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. The company has been recognized among the Dow Jones Sustainable Index leaders for 15 years running and held the number one position in the sector eight times. DSM Food Specialties with its state of the art Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center, is located at the Biotech Campus Delft.

City surroundings

Delft, birthplace of biotechnology and city of Johannes Vermeer, Delft Blue and 17th century canals, is a city of high tech and design par excellence. Together with the tourist and cultural sectors, this makes Delft a highly attractive city to work and to live in. Stroll through the old town and enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer along the way. All sights in Delft can easily be reached on foot. Moreover, walking paths and pavements throughout the city are accessible especially for pedestrians. Learn more.