Run up to One Young World Summit at Biotech Campus Delft

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In the run up to the One Young World Summit, DSM delegates shared their thoughts on the role of young leaders in tackling the world’s biggest challenges at the Biotech Campus Delft.

We are proud to have accommodated these young talents at our campus exchanging ideas in the run up program to the summit. Thereafter, the delegates joined the global forum with one clear goal: to gather as much information and inspiration as possible to define ideas and initiatives for social and or environment impact.

One Young World is a summit that brings together the most promising young talents (<32 years old) from global companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organizations around the world. This year, more than 45 young DSM employees attended the summit in The Hague (October 14-21) to discuss global challenges such as climate change and human rights.

Learn more about the One Young World Ambassadors creating positive change around the world: