Business opportunities

A strong regional & global eco-system for biotech enabling your company to grow

At our innovation campus companies and knowledge institutes benefit from a strong regional & global innovation ecosystem for biotech in which ideas, facilities and networks can be shared.

We offer a thriving business climate which enables you to scale up, grow and commercialize your bio-based innovations.

Benefits of locating your company at Biotech Campus Delft:

  • Access to full spectrum of Biotech competences ​(know-how, technical support, equipment, analysis, application, regulatory affairs, IP management)​​
  • Access to pilot production facilities​
  • Access to public private partnerships​
  • Access to a creative innovation-boosting network (campus events for students, start-ups and corporate researchers)​
  • Access to talents (over 70.000 BSc and MSc students in the region)​
  • Close proximity to DSM business (if wanted)
  • Permits arranged
  • Venture capital
  • Space to hire in newly refurbished Beijerinck lab, located in the heart of the campus
  • Space to build: campus is located next to an industrial park, more than 2 hectares open for new developments (plants, biotech centers)

Contact Cindy Gerhardt, business development manager Biotech Campus Delft, for available options, more info or a visit! 

Get more insights on establishing your business in the Netherlands at Innovation Quarter, Association for Biotech companies in the Netherlands: HollandBIO

We support the whole innovation cycle from idea to commercialization

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