Business and housing opportunities

A strong ecosystem for biotech enabling your company to grow

We enable you to scale up, grow and commercialize your biotech business. Our open innovation ecosystem offers collaboration opportunities and access to talent, funding and networks. 

Our biotech acceleration ecosystem: 

  • Access to a full spectrum of Biotech competences ​(know-how, technical support, equipment, analysis, application, regulatory affairs, IP management)​​
  • Access to pilot production facilities​
  • Access to public private partnerships​
  • Access to a creative innovation-boosting network (campus events for students, start-ups and corporate researchers)​
  • Access to talents (over 70.000 BSc and MSc students in the region)​
  • Close proximity to DSM business (if wanted)
  • Close proximity to Delft University of Technology 
  • Permits arranged
  • Venture capital

Housing and building opportunities: 

  • 8,1 hectare available for new developments (plants, biotech centers) on our 40-hectare site  
  • Coci status (committee on open chemical innovation)
  • Fieldlab status
  • 3000 mspace to hire in newly refurbished Beijerinck Center, located in the heart of the campus Learn more

Contact Cindy Gerhardt, business development director Biotech Campus Delft, for available options, more info or a visit! 

Get insights on establishing your business in the Netherlands at Innovation Quarter or contact the Association for Biotech companies in the Netherlands: HollandBIO

Office, lab space and greenfield locations

We support the whole innovation cycle from idea to commercialization

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